Another Experience Like No Other!

Over the past 7 years, Choklat has established itself as the number one artisan chocolate maker in Canada. During that time over 10,000 people have personally toured our shop and experienced first hand how chocolate is made.

Now it's time to do something with all that fabulous chocolate.

Date Nite Details:

Just as the wine industry treats grapes differently, and the coffee industry treats coffee beans differently, so do we treat cocoa beans when making chocolate. We've taken it one step further and made chocolate specifically for the desserts we are offering on Date Nite.

Nobody else can do this, and the difference it makes is incredible.

The evening begins with you and your "date" relaxing at your table with your own personal chocolate fountain, and some fun, (and in a couple of cases unlikely) things to dip. Yes, that's right. Your own personal chocolate fountain.

But wait. It doesn't end there. Your host will present you with a menu from which you can choose one or one of each (yes you read that right too!) of the decadent desserts I have prepared using exclusively our own choklat

Desserts adorned with 24 carat edible gold. Desserts made with the world's rarest chocolate (which we make). Non alcoholic drinks that we don't offer in our shop. A little bit of old school with a new spin, and to cap it all off we send you home with a box of fresh made truffles featuring centers that we don't offer in our shop.

I promise that you will never look at chocolate desserts the same way again, and will talk about your date here at Choklat for years to come.

Don't wait to register. Our earlier Snobbery events sold out almost 7 months in advance, and these events promise to as well.